It’s time for the Rams to clean house

It’s time for the Los Angeles Rams to fire Head Coach Jeff Fisher. It’s time for the Rams to fire Fisher and General Manager Les Snead. It has been time for the Rams to fire Fisher and Snead since the conclusion of 2014 season.

In 2012, the Rams then based in St. Louis hired long-time Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher to take over the 2-14 Rams. In addition to Fisher, the team hired Les Snead away from the Atlanta Falcons to be their general manager.

In four and a half seasons the Rams are 30-41-1 under Fisher and Snead. But the team’s results have plateaued after the duo improved from 2-14 to 7-8-1 in their first season in charge of the Rams. After the Rams record regressed to 6-10 in 2014, the Rams should have fired both of Fisher and Snead.

In 22 seasons as an NFL head coach Fisher has earned the reputation as a coach who will finish the season with a 7-9 or 8-8 record. In 22 seasons, Fisher is 172-161-1, and has finished above five hundred in just six seasons. In ten seasons Fisher has won seven or eight games. Fisher is not the coach who can elevate his teams, and that is exactly why he needs to go. You cannot expect to do better than 8-8 with Fisher as your coach.

Entering their fifth season together and final year of their contracts, the duo went all in and made a last ditch attempt to save their jobs. The Rams traded up to select California QB Jared Goff first overall. In exchange for the first pick, a fourth and sixth round pick, the Rams gave up the 15th pick, two seconds, a third round pick in 2016, and a first and third round pick in 2017.

After eight games, Goff has yet to take a snap for the Rams. A large reason why Goff has not seen any playing time is due to the stubborn nature of Fisher. Fisher’s refusal to play Goff draws back to Fisher’s clash with former third overall pick quarterback Vince Young. Young won offensive rookie of the year. But constant clashes with Fisher cost both the coach and quarterback their jobs with the Titans.

In Tennessee, Fisher elected to start journeyman veteran Kerry Collins over Young. Collins was the prototypical big armed quarterback drafted fifth overall. But Collins failed to live up to his draft hype, playing most of his career as an average quarterback who barely threw more touchdowns than interceptions.

Fisher and the Rams refusal to remove Case Keenum from the starting lineup is inexcusable. Keenum is a below average quarterback. He has been for his entire four year career. In 23 career starts Keenum owns a 58.5 completion percentage, 6.8 yards per attempt and a 24 touchdown, 20 interception ratio.  The numbers are shockingly similar to Collins. Collins completed 55.7 percent of his passes, averaging 6.5 yards per attempt with 208 touchdowns and 196 interceptions. With Keenum as the starter, the Rams can expect another losing season.

Fisher’s refusal to bench Keenum, leads to obvious question of why. There are two conclusions that can be drawn from not playing Goff. One, Goff is not ready to play and represents a significant downgrade from the below average Case Keenum. The second conclusion is that Fisher believes his best chance of winning and saving his job is with Keenum. Either way, the Los Angeles fans have begun chanting for Goff at home games. For Fisher and the Rams, those chants will continue to grow louder. So loud, that Fisher will no longer be able to deny hearing them.

If the Rams believe Goff is a significant downgrade from Keenum, it draws into question the scouting department led by Snead. Since Snead took over in 2012, the Rams have made seven picks in the first round, five in the second and six in the third round. In addition the duo inherited a former first overall pick in quarterback Sam Bradford. Despite trading back to acquire extra draft capital, the Rams have failed to coach and develop the talent they have selected.

In five drafts under Snead, the team has made 18 picks in the first three rounds. 14 of the 18 players drafted remain on the active roster. Two of the 18 are on the inactive roster (former third round picks Tre Mason failure to report and Stedman Bailey gunshot wound) and have not played for the Rams in over a year. Former second round pick Isaiah Pead went bust and is now in Miami. While boom or bust cornerback Janorius Jenkins signed a big with the New York Giants in the off-season.

With the 18 picks, the Rams have drafted only one superstar in defensive tackle Aaron Donald. It’s not a matter of if Donald wins a defensive player of the year, it’s when. Donald is a disruptive force, who pressures opposing quarterbacks and stuffs the run game. The drop off from reigning defensive player of the year JJ Watt is minimal.

After making the highly praised decision to trade down with the Washington Redskins in 2012 so they could select Robert Griffin III, the Rams traded down again with the Cowboys. The two trades gave the Rams extra draft capital. But the Rams failed to generate a great return on their extra draft picks.  The Rams selected a decent starting defensive tackle in Michael Brockers 14th overall. But more was expected from Brockers, who the Rams are now paying $11 million a year.

With the 8th pick they selected 5’9” gadget wide receiver and return man Tavon Austin. Austin has shown explosive flashes of ability, but Fisher and the offensive coordinators that he has hired have failed to find ways to get the football to. The pick still looks questionable today. But when you consider the Rams traded up to get Austin and just gave him a $40 million, four year extension, it’s beginning to look worse.

The Rams selected two players from Georgia with success. Alec Olgetree is more of the better young starting linebacker. Running back Todd Gurley appeared to be a superstar in the making after his first season. But this year he is averaging 1.7 yards less per carry. After 21 games it’s too early to determine which season’s is a better indicator of Gurley’s abilities. Gurley’s first season was marked by an amazing start. But he cooled off by the end of the season. The truth about Gurley is likely somewhere in the middle.

When the  Rams selected Greg Robinson second overall, they expected him to be the second coming of Hall of Fame left tackle Orlando Pace. The Rams selected Pace first overall in 1997. Pace was a dominant pass and run blocked, and fans expected the same from Robinson who dominated in college at Auburn. So far, Robinson has been a complete bust. Robinson has failed to be the dominant run blocker he was in college. But more concerning is how terrible Robinson has been in pass protection.

Outside of the first round, Trumaine Johnson is a good starting corner who was worth of the Rams’ franchise tag. Safety TJ McDonald is an above average starter. Lamarcus Joyner is a nice player, but is not without his flaws in the secondary. Outside of the first three rounds the Rams best pick is kicker Greg Zuerlein. Rob Havenstein is the Rams best lineman, and looks like the only long-term starter on the offensive line. But it’s not like he has a lot of competition for that honour. Outside of those five players, the Rams success outside of the first round is pathetic.

When you consider all the extra picks the Rams have had, it’s even more pathetic. If you want to build a successful team, you need to find players later in the draft. The draft will ultimately be the downfall of Snead. The lack of the Rams success in the draft raises more questions about Goff’s potential as a pro. If the Rams are this terrible at identifying talent, and cannot develop, coach and get the most out of players under Fisher, what hope does Goff have?


The road to the Grey Cup goes through Calgary

The road to the Grey Cup goes through Calgary. If you want to win this year’s CFL championship game, you must do what only two teams were able to do in 18 games, beat the Stampeders.

Calgary’s season is simply incredible. The team went 15-2-1, including a 16 game unbeaten streak. The lone losses for Calgary came in the team’s first and last games of the season. Calgary lost to British Columbia by just two points in the first week of the season. In the team’s regular season finale, Calgary elected to rest key starters rather than chase the record books. A win would have given them the best record in CFL history. Instead, Calgary lost by nine points to Montreal. Since the opening weekend, Calgary has seemed unbeatable. It is very difficult to pinpoint any weakness that the Stampeders have.

Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, will likely win the league’s Most Outstanding Player in a landslide. The offensive line is the best in the league. Derek Dennis will likely be named the league’s Most Outstanding Lineman. The line was able to keep Mitchell upright, surrendering just 20 sacks and open up massive holes for Canadian running back Jerome Messam. Messam could very well walk away as the league’s most outstanding Canadian, after he led the league in rushing and totaling over 1600 yards and 12 touchdowns. Defensively, the Stampeders have no obvious weakness. A strong defensive line, led by CFL sack leader Charleston Hughes. It’s just hard to move the football against the Calgary defense.

Even more incredible is that Calgary is winning with first year Head Coach Dave Dickenson. John Hufnagel was one of the best head coaches in the CFL, but the transition to offensive co-ordinator Dickenson as the new Head Coach has been flawless.

The only adversity Calgary has faced this season was the murder of rookie defensive back Mylan Hicks outside of a Calgary nightclub after a game. Despite the tragedy, the Stampeders continue to win, and win with relative ease. With a week 20 bye, and bye week in the first round of the playoffs, Calgary will have three weeks off before playing again. The Edmonton Eskimos were in the same situation last season, and went on to win the Grey Cup.

If Edmonton wants to win again this season, they will have to go on the road and win three games. With Edmonton crossing-over into the east, they will have to go through Hamilton and then Ottawa before a potential match up with Calgary in the Grey Cup. While Edmonton has a dynamic offense, with quarterback Mike Reilly, receivers Adarius Bowman and Derel Walker, defensively teams can move the football and put up points. While Alberta football fans are licking its lips, at the chance to determine which team owns the province’s football rivalry, it is no easy tasks for the Eskimos to reach the Grey Cup.

Unfortunately, for Hamilton and Ottawa, facing Edmonton team in the playoffs, makes both team’s road to the Grey Cup challenging. Both Hamilton and Ottawa are deeply flawed incomplete football teams. The strengths of both teams is their offenses. But both have taken drastic hits, as they both lost their top receivers.  Hamilton’s Andy Fantuz and Ottawa’s Chris Williams both tore their ACLs. To make matters worse, neither defense can stop anyone. Both teams routine allow teams to pass for whatever they want. Special teams have gone from strength to weakness. Both kickers have gone from dependable to inconsistent, as both have missed their share of kicks as the season has progressed. If either team is to advance to the Grey Cup, it will be from hot quarterback play and home field advantage. Both starting quarterbacks Zack Collaros and Henry Burris are capable of putting up points to win one game. But the odds either team winning consecutive games is unlikely.

If a team is going to upend Calgary, it will be either Winnipeg or BC. Both are the most complete teams next to Calgary, and just a single win separated the two teams in the standings. The one win separating the two, is BC’s week one victory over Calgary.

Winnipeg started the season slowly, but capitalized on a quarterback change. After a 1-4 start, Head Coach Mike O’Shea replaced turnover prone Drew Willy with veteran game manager Matt Nichols. The Bombers turn their season around, finishing 10-3. If either team is to beat Calgary in the west final, they must get to the quarterback and create turnovers. Disrupt Mitchell and you have a chance to win. Winnipeg led the league in takeaways behind Maurice Leggett’s seven interceptions. Winnipeg’s formula to victory is simple, control time of possession, and win the turnover battle. If they do both, they have a chance of winning.

BC is led by young quarterback Jonathan Jennings and coaching legend Wally Buono. The Lions defense is filled with play makers with the ability to get to the quarterback and take the football away. Solomon Elimimian and Adam Bighill are two of the league’s best linebackers. Chris Rainey is the league’s top returner. If the Lions have one weakness, it is their kicking game. Richie Leone is one of the best punters in the league, but he leaves a lot to be desired as a field goal kicker. With home field advantage, the Lions have to be favoured to get to Calgary for the West Final.

If no team can get hot at the right time, generate a pass rush and score points, Calgary will be celebrating a Grey Cup victory for the second time in three years. Additionally, a Grey Cup win would put this year’s Stampeders’ team in the conversation as one of the greatest teams of all time.

Uber Adventures 5: Halloween

It was Halloween weekend and that meant big time earnings for me driving all those drunken university students around the city for Uber.

I made $40 an hour driving groups of costumed people from house party to house party. I have never seen the surge level hit as high as it did on Saturday night. I can only check surge levels when I do not have to pick someone up. But when I did get a chance to check it, I saw the surge reach 4.8.

I picked up a group of two girls and two guys driving them to a party. I don’t remember what three of the people’s costumes were. But I do remember what the one girl was wearing. She was dressed as a vampire. But unfortunately, her fake teeth made it difficult to talk. Every time she attempted to speak, she had a lisp.

About an hour later, I picked up a group of three incredibly drunk, incredibly rude guys. I remember the one guy’s name was Emmett, because he made a point to shake my hand and introducing himself upon entering and exiting my car. He also happened to be 6’6” and by around ten, speaking and walking had become incredibly difficult for him. He also forgot to take his big bottle of booze and chase with him. Unfortunately, he left his bottle of booze open on the floor of my front seat and it spilled. I feel sorry for anyone who had to interact with him. He was already well past done, and it wasn’t even 10pm. The people I picked up following the drop off threw Emmett’s bottle of booze out the window, as we pulled away.

I picked up a pair of sister and took them to a party in the south end. I never really get a look at who gets into my car and what they are wearing. But they asked me to guess what they were wearing. I had no idea what they were wearing. I guess correct that the one had potatoes, on their head as part of the costume. I said I had no idea what they were supposed to be. She said that her sister and she were Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head. She made a comment about how funny it was. She then proceeded to say I wasn’t cleaver for not getting the costume. I responded by saying, it can’t be that fun if you have to explain it to everyone.

Early in the night I was constantly asked if it was a busy night. Truth is, it was not very busy until about 10:30om until 3:10am. I picked up my next foursome of people, three guys and one girl. They began discussing the comeback of the choker in women’s fashion. The one guy had made a comment that wearing a black choker, “means you have a black belt in giving head.” This angered the girl in the car, especially when he followed up by telling his girlfriend this. When his girlfriend responded that she didn’t wear a choker, he responded by saying exactly. The implication of his statement being that his girlfriend does not do oral, or is poor at the art of oral. The lone girl in the car snapped saying that there is no such thing as a girl giving a bad blowjob. That shut the car up pretty quickly.

I picked up a disturbing trio of guys. I should I have known it was going to be a bad ride, when they entered the pickup address wrong. These three wanted to go less than two blocks. But in that time, they proceed to let out a few nasty farts, and talk about drugs. Judging by their poor body odor, it would not surprise me if there talk on the phone with someone about doing heroin is really what they went to the house party to do. Thankfully that was a short ride.

I encountered my first nightmare of my Uber adventures. I went to a pick up location. I rolled down my window to see if the people at the curb were my pickup. Unfortunately, I turned off my car which unfortunately unlocked my car. I had my doubts that the people at the curb were the right people. They got in. I started driving and took the first few to their location. But that’s when it went wrong. As the people got out, a fight broke out. One person stayed in the car wanted to go to another location. But he wanted money from the others to pay for the ride. They argued and got nowhere. I realized I had the wrong people when the person still in the car didn’t really know how Uber worked. As they were arguing, my ride was cancelled. At that point, I was confirmed in my suspicion that I had the wrong people. I kicked out the last guy, and went back to the original location where I had been requested to get the right people. Thankfully, they were not too upset, when I told the one girl that the wrong people had gotten in their Uber. They were just thankfully to have a warm ride home.

Having rides cancelled mid ride was an earlier occurrence in the night. Thankfully these drunk and high idiots were loud talking about it. They thought they could get away with me picking them up and driving them to their location. But no, if you cancel the ride just because you think you can cheat the fare, you are wrong. The Uber app allows me to get an adjusted fare.

Thankfully the rest of my night was rather quiet. For the most part, most of the riders were respectful talkative guys and girls. There were also a few very good looking girls, which is never a bad thing.

Weekly Earnings: $379.80 in 9 hours 31 minutes

Lifetime Earnings: $1,699.44 in 64 hours 22 minutes

Uber Adventures 4: “Can you take us to McDonald’s? I need something to satisfy me, because the sex sure didn’t”

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Uber Adventures. The biggest reason was that most of my passengers just were not that interesting until this past weekend.

On Friday, I picked up a trio of university students. Including one who was so drunk he could barely string together an entire sentence. He also had no idea where he was going. If not for his friends, I’m not sure where he would have ended up that night. During the ride, he made a phone call talking to someone about smoking weed and getting laid. Since he was so drunk he figured his odds were about 50-50. He asked me, what I thought he odds were of getting laid. Just to play with him a little, I said he definitely had a better chance than half. He of course believed me. What can I say; you have to keep the drunks happy.

I can guarantee his odds of getting laid, were significantly lower than that 50-50. When we got to the destination he struggled getting out of the car. In fact, he made getting out of a car look to be incredibly difficult. He basically fell out of the car, and struggled to walk where ever he was going.

It was late Friday night, early Saturday morning, almost 4am, when I picked up two girls in the north east area of the city. They rushed to the car, and could not have got away from the house they were in fast enough. As soon as they both got in the car, the one girl said “we are never talking about that again.” Trust me; it only gets better from there. The girl then complains about her night and the pathetic guy she was with that night.

“Can you take us to McDonald’s? I need something to satisfy me, because the sex sure didn’t.” Her quote has to be one of the greatest quotes, I have ever heard. Maybe McDonalds will want to use that as an endorsement.

As I drive them to McDonalds, she complains about her bad decision and how terrible the sex was. She talks about her last relationship and how in love she was with her ex. Her friend is more concerned with getting a text back from the guy she was with.

We get to McDonalds and they proceed to order. Only one problem, they attempt to order Coca-Cola, only problem McDonalds is out of just about every drink they have. Making me wonder, how in the world does McDonalds run out of Coke? Waiting in the drive through, the same girl who complained about the bad sex, now describes her sex life with a former OHL player in a parking lot near her work. You have to believe me, when I say her stories were very entertaining.

As we drive back, the girl acknowledges me and asserts that I must think she is a huge slut. I don’t remember what I said, if I even said anything. But like I have said in previous posts, I don’t care anyone else’s sex life. Everyone loves sex, so go have as much sex as you like. About 20 minutes later, the ride was over, which is too bad, could have listened to this girls for a bit longer.

The next night, I was driving in another city during their unofficial second homecoming of the year. The nice thing was it was surging the whole time, and I got a lot of five star reviews. The bad parts, I didn’t really know where I was going, and I didn’t get any good stories. Unfortunately, all the trips I made were short. Short trips never lead to good stories.


Weekly Earnings: $161.98 in 6 hours 41 minutes

Weekly Earnings: $268.31 in 11 hours 24 minutes

Weekly Earnings: $283.29 in 13 hours 57 minutes

Lifetime Earnings: $1,319.64 in 54 hours 51 minutes


Toronto sports fans are the worst

Toronto sports fans are the worst. Throwing cans of beer, racial and homophobic insults are just the beginning of why Toronto sports fans are some of the worst behaved fans in North America.

During the seventh inning of the Toronto Blue Jays American League Wild Card game, Baltimore Orioles left fielder Hyun-son Kim made a routine catch on a warning track fly ball. Or at least it should have been a routine play, except for a Toronto fan throwing a beer can at the Orioles’ outfielder.

This was not the first incident of Toronto fans throwing cans of beer onto the field. In the prior season’s playoff series against Texas, Toronto fans littered the field with everything they could throw onto the field after the fan base disagreed with the umpires call on the field. In previous years’ home openers, fans have stolen rolls of toilet paper out of the bathroom and thrown them from the upper deck onto the field. Sit in the lower level outfield for a game and you will hear and chances are you will a few comments yelled at the opposing outfielders that are offensive.

But what can you expect; the Blue Jays have made going to the game more about getting drunk than baseball. By removing a restaurant and replacing it with a beer garden it’s more about drinking than enjoying the game. The Blue Jays should be taking more accountability for their fans bad behaviour. But the fans need to behave like responsible adults and not toddlers who throw toys when they get upset.

But Blue Jays fans are not the only bad sports fans in the Ontario capital. Earlier this summer Toronto FC fans brought a sign to Montreal that depicted a Montreal Impact fan performing oral sex on a Toronto FC fan. The team had to apologize for the sign, but it’s not the first instance of the fan base has behaved poorly. In 2008, approximately 2000 TFC fans travelled to Columbus for a game. But prior to the game, fights broke out between the two fan bases in the parking lot.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans, besides being delusional in their expectations of Stanley Cup parades, are known for running players out of town and again throwing stuff on the ice. With the Leafs finishing near the bottom of the NHL standings for the past few seasons, fans threw jerseys on the ice. The fans were charged with trespassing, forced to pay a fine and banned from the Air Canada Centre for a year.

Scarborough native and Hockey Hall of Famer, Larry Murphy was traded for virtually nothing after the fans constant harassment became too much for management to ignore.  In 151 games, Murphy produced 19 goals, 100 points and just a minus one rating. It wasn’t enough for the delusional fan base, and Murphy traded away to Detroit and won two cups with the Red Wings.

Want a more recent reference see Kessel, Phil; who was ripped by the fan base before being trading to Pittsburgh where he would go on to win the cup. Toronto fans complained that Kessel was fat, lazy and consumed too many hot dogs. Oh and let’s not forget, that Maple Leaf fans threw waffles on the ice and at the aforementioned Kessel.

The Toronto Argonauts and Toronto Rock are the two most successful teams in the city. But the city fails to support them. For years, the city’s sport fans made excuses as to why they would not go to an Argos game inside of the Skydome. First it was the sight lines, and then it was the fact that there was no tailgating. But when they moved outdoors to BMO field and introduced tailgating, attendance was expected to improve. Spoiler alert, attendance has not improved. With the exception of the home opener against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (and their fans who made the trip), the Argos have not exceeded 18,000 fans in any of their other seven home games.  The Argos current average attendance is 16,550 fans per game. The team ranks dead last in the league, averaging over 3,500 fewer than second last British Columbia.

The Toronto Rock won championships in 2012-13 and 2015. But attendance has been on the decline since their 2005 championship when attendance peaked at over 17,000. In 2015, attendance was hovering around 10000, an all-time low for the franchise.

Maybe the best behaved fan base within the city is for the Toronto Raptors. The fans travel well to opposing cities, and sell out home games. The fans don’t just sell out home games, they jam pack the plaza outside of the arena to watch the games. If there is one complaint, it is the bandwagon nature of the fan base. A few years ago when the Raptors found themselves near the bottom of the NBA standings, the arena was not coming close to selling out, and it was incredibly easy to find tickets on the secondary market for significantly less than face value.

Toronto Raptors Season Preview

The Toronto Raptors are coming off their best season in franchise history. The team won a franchise record 56 games and reached the Eastern Conference Finals, before losing to the eventually champions Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated them in six games.

The Raptors have a few questions coming into the new season. Can the Raptors improve on last season and reach the NBA finals, or have they peaked with the Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry core.  The answer to both those questions will be determined by how success the Raptors are replacing key role players who left in the off-season when the NBA salary cap exploded.

Gone in the off-season are a trio of big men who played roles within the Raptors rotation. Off to Brooklyn is Luis Scola, who started the season as the starting forward, before being phased out of the rotation during the playoffs. James Johnson is now with Miami after finding himself in the doghouse of Head Coach Dwayne Casey during both of his stints with the Raptors. When Johnson found himself on the court, he proved capable of playing both forward positions. The big loss for the Raptors came in the departure of Bismack Biyombo to Orlando for four years and $72 million dollars. While Biyombo’s offense game was limited to scoring in the paint, his rebounding and shot blocking presence will be extremely difficult for the team to replace.

Team President Masai Ujiri had a relatively quiet off-season after resign DeRozan to a max contract extension. While other teams went on a spending spree as soon as free agency began, Ujiri choosing to wisely sit back and watch. The NBA saw massive contract after massive contract signed. Role players such as Biyombo, who Ujiri signed the season prior for $3 million dollars, saw his annual salary shot up to $18 million. Biyombo was not an outlier; he was the trend this off-season. NBA teams continued to offer ridiculous contracts as the salary cap skyrocketed over $20 million dollars.

Ujiri’s strategy was simple. Let the other teams make mistakes dishing out long-term contracts that could be albatrosses within two seasons when the salary cap stabilizes. Ujiri was patient and it paid off. When the Boston Celtics signed free agent Al Horford to a contract, they had to renounce the rights to restricted free agent Jared Sullinger. Ujiri jumped at the news. With the majority of NBA teams having already spent their newly found salary cap space, Ujiri found himself in an advantageous position. Sullinger signed for one year and a third of annual salary Biyombo received from Orlando.

While Sullinger represents a sizeable defensive downgrade from Biyombo, he does represent a sizeable offensive upgrade too. In his lone season with the Raptors, Biyombo averaged 5.5 points per game, 6.5 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in 22 minutes a game. In his four years with Boston, Sullinger averaged 24.9 minutes, 11.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, but just 0.6 blocks a game.

The addition of Sullinger is the only major change to the Raptors nine man rotation. Back are all-star starting guards Lowry and DeRozan. After missing the majority of the regular season with a knee injury, DeMarre Carroll is healthy. A year after receiving a four year $60 million dollar deal, Carroll’s contract looks like a bargain in the new cap world. Carroll provides the Raptors with a swing man capable of matching up defensively with the top wings in the East, while adding the occasional corner three. Jonas Valanciunas returns as the starting center. For the Raptors to improve, Valanciunas has to develop into a double-double machine.

The last spot in the starting lineup will come down to a camp battle between Sullinger and sixth man Patrick Patterson. While Patterson struggled shooting the ball last season, his name was continually found within the Raptors best plus-minus lineups.

Rounding out the nine man rotation are backup guards Cory Joseph, Norman Powell and Terrence Ross. Joseph proved to be a capable backup to Lowry, as he posted career highs in minutes and nearly every statistical category. Powell already holds the title, of being the Raptors best second round pick in franchise history after just one season. But that is more because of how terrible the Raptors draft history is. After barely seeing the court in the first half of the season, Powell found himself a starter down the stretch. Ross continues to be a great enigma to the Raptors fan base. The talented and freakish athleticism of Ross has shown highlights of potential, but through season, Ross has failed to put his game altogether.

The Raptors nine man rotation is good enough to win close to 50 games provided there is no major injury. But for the Raptors to match or exceed last season’s success, the Raptors need to find a contributor from one of the former first round picks, the team has stockpiled on the end of their bench.  With two first round picks in the past draft, the Raptors selected center Jakob Poltl from Utah and forward Pascal Siakam 27th overall. Poltl is expected to battle Lucas Nogueira for minutes behind Valanciunas. While Siakam is a developmental prospect who could find himself playing more in the D-League than the NBA this season. Delon Wright, the Raptors’ first round pick in 2015, and former Utah teammate of Poltl is expected to miss the first half of the season following shoulder surgery. While it is anyone’s guess, if the team ever receives any production from Bruno Cabocolo in a game that is not a blowout.

Even if one of the Raptors get unexpected production from one of their stockpiled first round picks, the team should be expected to meet the expectations last season. Barring any injuries to any star player within the Eastern Conference, the Raptors should finish second and again get eliminated by the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Uber Adventures 3: The Girl With The Bucket

Homecoming weekend at any university guarantees one thing, a lot of extremely intoxicated students. For some of these degenerates, they have been drinking since the time they woke up. For a lot of students, they will ultimately drink way too much. Some students many call it a night early and go home. Others don’t know where home is. Some make it into someone else’s home. Eventually they will all need to find their way home.

My plan had been to drive almost the entire day. But my friend called me and I was off in another city helping them out for most of the day. Thankfully I got home just after midnight and immediately started Ubering. My phone was constantly getting the notification from Uber. For three hours, I was going from pickup to drop off to pick up. It’s great when you are consistently booked. The less idle time, the more you make.

My second pickup of the night proved to be one of my most entertaining rides yet. I pulled up to a house on one of the more busy streets in the city. On the lawn are a lot of drunken students. They are clearly having a party but nothing out of hand. I see a few people coming from the group of roughly 12 on the front lawn. Then out of nowhere, a body rises from the ground. It’s like a dead body being picked up. This girl has no strength, cannot walk and no idea where she is. Thankfully she had some great friends. One of them comes up to me and ask if I will drive her extremely drunk friend home. Of course she says her friend hasn’t puked in about five minutes… But she is great enough to ask if I would like a bucket for her. For future reference, the answer is always yes!

So after, they get the passed out girl into the car, with her bucket. They even did up her seat belt. Not that she knew where she was. Her head was arched forward and into the bucket. Just over two kilometers later, I drop her and two friends off at the residence. They go and get help for this girl. For 20 minutes I sit in my car while they examine this girl. The meter is still running. I made almost $20 for sitting there. But I have to say, if you are drunk, the friends this girl has are the type of friends you want. They even left me a comment afterwards about how thankful they were that I drove her home.

Immediately after dropping off the girl with the bucket, I picked up a group of friends who wanted to go to the strip club. I don’t know what these people do, but they clearly have a lot of extra money to spend. I don’t know how they make their money, because they were all poorly groomed and looked kind of homeless. We get talking and the one guy says “cocaine and strippers don’t mix.” He then describes how he spent several hundred dollars in a booth at the strip club, while high on cocaine. I guess doing cocaine off a stripper’s ass isn’t all its cut out to be.

As I dropped them off at the strip club, I picked up my next ride. Three guys in their early 20s get in. They tell me about how they couldn’t get into any downtown bar with it being homecoming and had to settle for the strip club. What they didn’t know is how much money they would spend. By the time they left the strip club, they had each spent over $150 dollars. They spent the rest of the trip being angry for spending so much money. All I have to say is good for you girls at the strip club for making money.

The majority of my rides the rest of the night were rather quiet. Nothing exciting, except for a few rather attractive passengers. But around 3 I picked up a trio of girls who wanted me to take them to McDonald’s. That sounds normal enough. But what makes it more notable is that they didn’t know where they were. They thought they were in a city 45 minutes away. Hearing them attempt to order was difficult. They could barely string together a sentence.

The following week, did not have many exciting drives either. Just a couple of drunken guys, who had me go to a party where they picked up a couple of girls out of both of their leagues. Now these guys also fall into the category of guys who need to learn how to talk to women. I can’t belief how rude and disgusting these guys were. Lucky for them, these girls didn’t seem to mind. The two guys and two girls proceeded to make fun of a guy one of the girls had slept with for having a small penis…

It really is amazing what drink people will say when a total stranger is driving you. Although, I am sure that sometimes they do not even realize I am in the car.

Weekly Earnings: $198.50 in 5 hours 46 minutes

Weekly Earnings: $71.44 in 2 hours 37 minutes

Lifetime Earnings: $606.06 in 22 hours 49 minutes