Uber Adventures 5: Halloween

It was Halloween weekend and that meant big time earnings for me driving all those drunken university students around the city for Uber.

I made $40 an hour driving groups of costumed people from house party to house party. I have never seen the surge level hit as high as it did on Saturday night. I can only check surge levels when I do not have to pick someone up. But when I did get a chance to check it, I saw the surge reach 4.8.

I picked up a group of two girls and two guys driving them to a party. I don’t remember what three of the people’s costumes were. But I do remember what the one girl was wearing. She was dressed as a vampire. But unfortunately, her fake teeth made it difficult to talk. Every time she attempted to speak, she had a lisp.

About an hour later, I picked up a group of three incredibly drunk, incredibly rude guys. I remember the one guy’s name was Emmett, because he made a point to shake my hand and introducing himself upon entering and exiting my car. He also happened to be 6’6” and by around ten, speaking and walking had become incredibly difficult for him. He also forgot to take his big bottle of booze and chase with him. Unfortunately, he left his bottle of booze open on the floor of my front seat and it spilled. I feel sorry for anyone who had to interact with him. He was already well past done, and it wasn’t even 10pm. The people I picked up following the drop off threw Emmett’s bottle of booze out the window, as we pulled away.

I picked up a pair of sister and took them to a party in the south end. I never really get a look at who gets into my car and what they are wearing. But they asked me to guess what they were wearing. I had no idea what they were wearing. I guess correct that the one had potatoes, on their head as part of the costume. I said I had no idea what they were supposed to be. She said that her sister and she were Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head. She made a comment about how funny it was. She then proceeded to say I wasn’t cleaver for not getting the costume. I responded by saying, it can’t be that fun if you have to explain it to everyone.

Early in the night I was constantly asked if it was a busy night. Truth is, it was not very busy until about 10:30om until 3:10am. I picked up my next foursome of people, three guys and one girl. They began discussing the comeback of the choker in women’s fashion. The one guy had made a comment that wearing a black choker, “means you have a black belt in giving head.” This angered the girl in the car, especially when he followed up by telling his girlfriend this. When his girlfriend responded that she didn’t wear a choker, he responded by saying exactly. The implication of his statement being that his girlfriend does not do oral, or is poor at the art of oral. The lone girl in the car snapped saying that there is no such thing as a girl giving a bad blowjob. That shut the car up pretty quickly.

I picked up a disturbing trio of guys. I should I have known it was going to be a bad ride, when they entered the pickup address wrong. These three wanted to go less than two blocks. But in that time, they proceed to let out a few nasty farts, and talk about drugs. Judging by their poor body odor, it would not surprise me if there talk on the phone with someone about doing heroin is really what they went to the house party to do. Thankfully that was a short ride.

I encountered my first nightmare of my Uber adventures. I went to a pick up location. I rolled down my window to see if the people at the curb were my pickup. Unfortunately, I turned off my car which unfortunately unlocked my car. I had my doubts that the people at the curb were the right people. They got in. I started driving and took the first few to their location. But that’s when it went wrong. As the people got out, a fight broke out. One person stayed in the car wanted to go to another location. But he wanted money from the others to pay for the ride. They argued and got nowhere. I realized I had the wrong people when the person still in the car didn’t really know how Uber worked. As they were arguing, my ride was cancelled. At that point, I was confirmed in my suspicion that I had the wrong people. I kicked out the last guy, and went back to the original location where I had been requested to get the right people. Thankfully, they were not too upset, when I told the one girl that the wrong people had gotten in their Uber. They were just thankfully to have a warm ride home.

Having rides cancelled mid ride was an earlier occurrence in the night. Thankfully these drunk and high idiots were loud talking about it. They thought they could get away with me picking them up and driving them to their location. But no, if you cancel the ride just because you think you can cheat the fare, you are wrong. The Uber app allows me to get an adjusted fare.

Thankfully the rest of my night was rather quiet. For the most part, most of the riders were respectful talkative guys and girls. There were also a few very good looking girls, which is never a bad thing.

Weekly Earnings: $379.80 in 9 hours 31 minutes

Lifetime Earnings: $1,699.44 in 64 hours 22 minutes


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