Sports Fandom Social Experiment

Social Experiment

How easily can a person switch favourite teams?


People have an unconditional love and support of their favourite teams. But how strong are the ties to those teams. Can a person change favourite teams easily, or it is nearly impossible. This study looks to see if it is possible for a person can change their favourite teams in a particular sport if they begin following another team. Secondary research compares the daily life style of the average sports fan, and the hard-core sports fan. The study will also look at the amount of time, money and emotional investment as a sports fan.



            The study will involve all three members of the group. Two will operate as test subjects, with the third operating as the control subject. Prior to the study, each participant will produce an about us section, that will be later be added to the website. The about us section, will include favourite sports teams, games attended yearly, games watched on average per week, and describe the level of fandom for each sports league.

Dillon will be the first test subject. He will attempt to become a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. Dillon is from Edmonton, but is not a fan of the team.

Adam will be the second test subject. He will be following the San Antonio Spurs. He identifies as a Toronto Raptors team, but enjoys the Spurs. This test subject will be investigating a variable to see if it is easier for a person to switch favourite teams, if they already like another team.

Davis will operate as the study’s control subject. He will continue to live his life as he normally would. Davis identifies as a sports fan and will continue to operate as so.

Materials & Procedures:

Each test subject is responsible for watch each their teams games. Everyone in the study will make daily logs to record what they have done that day in relation to sports. The logs will be used to capture and compare what each participant did on that day. The logs will be compared on a bi-weekly frequency to see any trends or differences between each participant.

The logs ask each participant to answer several questions. Did you watch the game? How much time and or money did you invest? Did you become emotionally engaged in the game? What do you do on nights you do not have a game to watch?

The experiment runs from November 1st, to the NBA and NHL all-star breaks. This will give us adequate time to analyze end results and draw conclusions from our results that we can articulate in our final draft of the article.

At the end of the study, all daily logs will be compared. The amount of time and money invested will be totaled and compared. Each subject will be responsible for making a determination on the experiment’s success.



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