Ronda Rousey’s Dreams At Perfection Over

Ronda Rousey began her career with one goal, retire undefeated as the greatest women’s mix martial artist of all-time.

That dream is now over for Rousey. Holly Holm entered the fight undefeated, but a 14 to one underdog who many did not think had a chance of winning. However, Holm shocked the world with her second round technical knockout victory over the UFC’s undefeated champion.

Since bursting onto the MMA scene Rousey gained fame for her arm bar submissions and quick finishes. Through her first 12 fights, Rousey easily defeated every top fighter in the division in mere seconds. Many experts predicted a similar victory for Rousey against Holm at UFC 193.

When Holm was announced as the next title challenger for Rousey, many were stunning and disappointed, believing that Holm was unworthy of a title shot. Holm proved the experts wrong. Holm and her trainers developed a game plan and executed it to perfection. Using her background as a professional boxing and kickboxer, Holm was able to take advantage of her footwork and punching power. In the first round Holm was able to land precise strikes that had Rousey stunned and left with a bloody nose by the end of the first round.

As the second round opened, it was evident early that Rousey had not recovered during the minute break between rounds. Holm continued to land hard shots with her left hand that sent Rousey to a knee. Rousey quickly rose to her feet, only for Holm to connect with a devastating kick to her head. At that point it was all over for the undefeated champion. Rousey instantly fell backwards landing on the octagon’s canvas. Referee Herb Dean ran into hovering over Rousey prevent Holm from landing another more punches to the downed champion and waved off the fight.

Holly Holm was the new welterweight champion, as she circled the ring. Holm’s celebration appeared to be a mix of joy, confusion and disbelief as she had beaten the seemingly unbeatable champion. The Melbourne, Australia crowd went crazy as they knew they were all witnesses to the greatest upset in UFC history. While Rousey, exited the stadium in an ambulance on her way to a local hospital.

A rematch is the obvious route to go for the UFC which could headline UFC 200 next year. If Rousey defeats Holm in the rematch, the rivalry could turn into a trilogy. However, that fight is only possible if Rousey chooses to continue her UFC career fulltime. Many industry experts had predicted before the fight that Rousey’s fights would become fewer and fewer each year as she focuses on her transition to acting. Some experts had gone as far to say Rousey had three fights or fewer left before she would retired.

But now, that has all changed. The future of Rousey is completely up in the air. While the career of the 34 year old undefeated champion Holm has reached a whole new level.


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