Michael-Allan Marion

January 14th 2015

Michael-Allan Marion has been covering politics in Southwestern Ontario for nearly three decades and has seen the landscape change as the years have advanced.
Marion developed in interest in politics at a young age when he recalls his teary-eyed teacher coming into his classroom and describing the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. When Marion arrived home from school, he asked his mother for the newspaper so he could read every article about Kennedy. For the next week, Marion and his a mother would read every article about the Kennedy assassination in the newspaper.
As the years went on for Marion, he knew that he wanted to cover politics for a newspaper. Marion started his career at the Hamilton Spectator where he worked freelance for four years covering the Hamilton – Wentworth political scene. After his time at the Spectator, Marion moved onto the Brantford Expositor where he has spent the majority of his career. While working at the Expositor, Marion has covered a wide variety of politics from Federal and Provincial elections, to the municipal town meetings of Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations.
For the past decade, Marion has covered Brant County and Six Nations for the Expositor. For Marion, there is only one way to do his job. Go to every meeting and event there is to cover the news and build relationships with the mayor or town councilors. Marion’s way of reporting is different than the way other journalists have covered Six Nations in the past. In the past some reporters would only go to a Six Nation’s meeting if there was going to be major news. For Marion, he goes to ensure he does not miss anything and fully understand all the happenings within Six Nations.
Marion describes how he prefers to cover municipal politics over provincial and federal politics because of the relationship he has built with the town officials. Marion describes the relationship he has with many municipal politicians and his ability to call them at almost any time to get information about a local issue. Marion notes how almost every municipal politician works another job in addition to being a town councilor. Marion contrasts municipal politicians to how politicians at the provincial and federal level use speech writers which makes them feel rehearsed and somewhat fake. It’s the relationship with the politicians that Marion values and appreciates and believes is the backbone to the political system and are the reason he continues to go to every town meeting.


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