Guelph man hopes weight lose inspires others

Guelph man hopes weight lose inspires others

November 21st 2014

Joe Camilleri hopes his nearly one hundred pound weight loss will inspire others to lose weight and become healthier.

Before starting his weight loss journey two months ago, Camilleri was known for his enormous weight and success as a football coach. At his heaviest, the 37 year old Camilleri weighed 485 pounds. Camilleri’s size made him an easy target for others, and he often joked about how easy it was to point him out. As a football coach Camilleri’s success has been unmatched. In eight years, Camilleri transformed his high school team from middle of the table finishers to four time champions, a feat they had never accomplished before.

Tom McManus has been friends with Camilleri for over ten years and at times feared that he would lose his friend due to his struggles with his weight.

“I’ve seen how his struggle with his weight has affected his health and quality of life. I worry that because of this, years of good times and memories with one of my best friends might be taken from me” said McManus.
Joey Sample played football for Camilleri growing up, but didn’t know if Camilleri was capable of losing the weight.
“Joe was a great coach, but you never really believed he would lose any weight because I didn’t know if he would try to. But as long as he tried I knew he could” said Sample.
Camilleri’s journey to lose weight started when he saw a video on YouTube of an obese, disabled veteran named Arthur Boorman. Boorman was unable to walk without two canes and was told by doctors he would never be able to run again. But after over a year of hard work, Boorman was able to prove the doctors wrong by losing over 150 pounds and begin running again. That video provided Camillari with the motivation he needed.
“I saw this video (of Boorman) and thought, why not me? Why can’t I do this?” said Camilleri.
McManus could not have been more proud of Camilleri when he decided to lose weight.
“I know that Joe is a very strong person, and accomplishes with great success anything he puts his mind and heart into” Said McManus
Camilleri now wants to help motivate others to lose weight and get healthy by showing with dedication it is possible. “It’s not about cheating, that’s what they say (doctors or nutritionists) it’s just bad decisions. You make your decisions… They tell you, you can eat (poorly) if you want. But that’s your choice. You’re making the choice to eat (poorly)” said Camilleri.
Camilleri offered his advice to those who have tried to lose weight or are trying now to lose weight and are setting goals for themselves.
“I didn’t have any goals. I didn’t want to set any. That leads to disappointment. I just focused on doing the best I could… I didn’t want to set goals because if I didn’t reach them, I didn’t want them from stopping me from continuing on” said Camilleri.
After two months, Camilleri has dropped almost one hundred pounds and still has a month left to go on his plan. Camilleri estimates he will lose another twenty to forty pounds when he finishes just before Christmas.
“When you start losing the weight, you start doing more than you ever thought you could” said Camilleri


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