Brantford Church Raises Money For Homeless

Brantford Church Raises Money For Homeless

Saturday November 14th, 2014

YesChurch opens its door to its first ever craft show as way to raise money for local homeless shelter, Out of the Cold.

Linda Elliot, is a member of the YesChurch community and is always looking for ways that she can give back to her community through her church. After seeing a member of YesChruch participate in the New City Church’s craft show last year, Elliot got an idea.

“Let’s give it shot, why can’t we do it for YesChurch? Open up YesChurch because we have this massive room, let’s see what happens… and that’s how this all started” said Elliot.

What started, was Elliot organizing YesChurch’s first ever craft fair. The craft fair saw 24 local craft makers filling the recreation room of YesChurch. Each craft maker purchased a table as a way of getting involved in the event. The money generated from the sale of tables, a raffle and profits from the sale of crafts were all donated to Out of the Cold, a local homeless shelter in Brant county.

“Out of the Cold, our very own Rien (VandenEnden) heads up. It actually opens up tonight, so this is a wee bit of a fundraiser for him, to help with the shelter” said Elliot.

Founded in 2004, the Out of the Cold organization is run by executive director Rien VandenEnden. Out of the Cold works on providing emergency shelter and services such as laundry and nutrition to the homeless in Brantford.  Out of the Cold runs at YesChurch from November 1st to May 1st every year.

“Our guest numbers have been increasing yearly, last year 202 individuals slept at the shelter” said VandenEnden. The money raised from the craft show would go towards supplies needed to run the shelter.
YesChurch’s administrative assistant Ann Dyer said the church is always looking to give back to the people of Brant county through causes such as Out of the Cold.

“YesChurch is actually very big on outreach into the community, in the events that we do and stuff like this and seeing people coming in and getting together is what we’re all about, fellowship, we are a big family here…The people of the church wanting to do things, getting to reach out to the community and give back, letting people know we are here. Making them apart of these” said Dyer.
Dyer was able to help event organizer Linda Elliot connect with fellow community members who are often looking to give back such as Barbara Purdy.

“Ann Dyer of YesChurch has been one of our biggest supporters of Pennies of Freedom… whenever there is an event at YesChurch Ann invites us to have a table” said Purdy. Purdy had a table at the craft show where she sold her jewelry made of pennies to raise money for Out of the Shelter as well as Purdy’s passion of fighting human trafficking.

As the day rolled on Dyer was thrilled with the success of the event.
“Everything has been great so far… To give back to them (Out of the Cold), they work 24/7. They are incredible” said Dyer. When asked if YesChurch was planning on running more events similar to the craft show following today’s success, Dyer simply replied, “I’m thinking so.”

Linda Elliot said she is already putting together a bigger committee to make the craft show a yearly tradition for YesChurch and hopes to top this year’s total of $1000, next year.


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