Potential Improvements for Around the Horn

So about a week ago maybe a little longer than that I applied for a summer internship with ESPN on their show Around the Horn. They asked for ideas on how to improve the show and their product. Heres my idea. Be aware I wrote this in probably under a half hour at 2 am.

My idea for a way to possibly improve Around the Horn would be to use the location of the panelists to a greater extent.  Reali opens the story with the day’s number one story. Then allow the panelist who scores the highest to introduce the next story based on their location or just a story they feel deserves more coverage. For example, if Bill Plaschke has the highest score after the first story, Reali will throw to Plaschke giving him the opportunity to suggest a Los Angeles based story. The idea behind using the locations would be to get the outsiders perspective on a story. So if Plaschke suggests a story about a Lakers trade, Tim Cowlishaw can provide the Dallas perspective on the trades as well as how he feels the trade will change the western conference and how it will impact the Mavs. Reali can then throw to another city’s panelist suggesting stories or allowing the panelist to throw their own story into the circle. The panelist does not have to suggest a story in their city. If a panelist wants to start a conversation with an outsider’s perspective on a story out of Seattle they have complete freedom on choice of story.


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